Heritage Days

One weekend in September lots of historic buildings around the country are open to the public free of charge; generally they are either not open to any old Tom, Dick or Harry, or there would normally be a charge.


I grabbed this opportunity (and my camera) with both hands and took advantage of a guided tour around All Saints Church in Maidstone.  I was hoping to be able to go up the tower for a wonderful birds eye view of Maidstone.  Alas, there was nobody in attendance to be able to take us up there, maybe next time.

Nativity Window

There were only two of us on the tour and it was very interesting.  We were shown around the outside, which included what is reputed to be the oldest wall in Maidstone.  Our guide Joy told us all about the old spire which was made from wood and sadly burnt down by a lightning strike in 1730, the heat was so intense that it melted the lead on the church roof.  We saw some of the most colourful stained glass windows I have ever seen, most of them Victorian and Joy showed us the hidden gems under the original pews.