I found myself being dumped in Guildford for the day by the Old Goat while he went off to work in Bagshot – Well! What to amuse myself with?

I had done a bit of research so knew there was a castle and cathedral but yet to discover what else there was .

First port of call was Tourist Information to get a map and information on the area.  Tourist Info is housed in a beautiful building, Guildford House, also housing a photographic exhibition.  It was lovely to wander round the rooms looking at the beautifully ornate ceilings and inspirational exhibits – what inspiration!  I could hardly believe my eyes when I came across an image of my local church which I got married to the Old Goat in, all these miles from home too!

Guildford House
Tourist Information and art gallery in Guildford High Street

I left Tourist Info armed with my map and followed the guided route suggested on the map.  The number of times I’ve driven past Guildford and never realised there was so much of interest to see.

First item on the route was the castle.  Sadly all the flower displays had been dug up ready for the winter plants, so instead of seeing a profusion of colour, all there was to see was dark brown earth.  Never mind, it didn’t detract from the beauty of the place.  I came across a war memorial and Alice through her looking glass.

Moving on, past a few other interesting buildings, I was guided to the town mill, which over the centuries had been used for milling corn and pumping the water supply to the town.

Town Mill
Guildford Water Mill

Lewis Carroll lived in Guildford and wrote much of Alice Through the Looking Glass here.   I came across another sculpture of Alice, this time with the rabbit just about to jump into its hole.

Alice and the rabbit

Following this was the Holy Trinity Church, Royal Grammar School and the Almshouses, which were very beautiful.

Alms Houses
Abbot’s alms houses in Guildford

I finished my visit to Guildford with a bit of retail therapy before catching the train to Bagshot to meet the Old Goat for our onward journey to Somerset – more on that later……

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